Golfing holidays in Europe, America and South Africa may be a relatively new concept, but what better way to enjoy your favourite pastime than to spend a couple of weeks in quality holiday accommodation playing plenty of golf. You can rent a self catering golfing holiday apartment, villa or farmhouse in hundreds of locations, all near enough to a golf course that you won’t have to waste valuable time travelling there. In many cases, you can even step out of the front door of your accommodation virtually straight onto the first hole! A golfing holiday villa in Spain, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Portugal or Cyprus will let you enjoy your golf in guaranteed sunshine and then crash out on a sandy beach. A golfing holiday in France or Italy is perfect for those with a hankering for fine wine and excellent food after a round of golf. Choose your golfing holiday accommodation in the USA and family vacations can incorporate golf into a wide range of holiday activities based at a self catering apartment with a private pool to keep the kids happy. And golfing holiday accommodation in Scotland will let you experience your game in the true home of golf. For more information on Golfing Holidays

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